Spanish instrumental rock owes its good health basically to one band: 12Twelve. 2 of its heads,Jaume L. Pantaleón (guitar) and José Roselló (drums) created AtletA, a schizophrenic duo that, without running away from its past, open new paths: an amazing discover, between cult post-rock and the avant-garde promoted by Battles.

Around mid 2010, AtletA released its fist work, a 7″ called Fariseos“. Still under the influence of their previous project, we could already see the new sides of their proposal, that would be complete at the beginning of 2011, when they released their first album,  Catedrales (Aloud Music)

In that album, AtletA already show their unique style and so it’s reflected by the critics. Media like La Vanguardia, El Mundo, El País or Rockdelux wrote wonders about the duo since the beginning. Their first videoclip were on TV and even MTV Argentina “Fariseos“, directed by Diego Olmo.

Since then, their live shows kept showing us a constantly evolving and growing band. This evolution is reflected is  “Verdad” (Aloud Music, 2012), an amazing album that in only 8 songs shows a band hugely grown, digging in their most easy-to-dance side without forgetting krautrock.

Their live show kept gaining fans and brought them to play at festivals like Primavera Sound 2012 or “Ciclo de Rock Instrumental de Valencia”.

At the beginning of 2013, the band announced a hiatus.


Jaime L. Pantaleón guitar and synth
Josep Roselló drums and synth


2010 – Fariseos 7″ – Aloud Music LTD.
2011 – Catedrales – Aloud Music LTD.
2012 – Verdad – Aloud Music LTD.



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