Ainara LeGardon


Born in 1976 in Bilbao, Ainara LeGardon has being playing music for more than two decades. Her five solo albums,  (“In the mirror” -2003-, “Each day a lie” -2005-, “Forgive me if I don´t come home to sleep tonight” -2009- “We once wished” -2011- “Every Minute” -2014-) have received excellent reviews and a warm reception by the public, being considered as some of the references of Spanish folk-rock.

Ainara has always been surrounded by excellent collaborators, both in studio and live, such as Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts, Chris & Carla) – who produced her first two albums-, Joe Skyward (Posies, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Walkabouts), Carlos Torero (Ex Radio Futura), Hannot Mintegia, Gaizka Insunza and Ager Insunza (Audience), David Jiménez (A Room With A View), Al DeLoner (Midnight Choir), Jorge Fuertes (Nudozurdo), Alfons Serra (Nisei), Javier Díez-Ena (Dead Capo, Aaron Thomas), Kim Wars (Ginferno), Jason Victor (Steve Wynn, Willard Grant Conspiracy), Rubén Martínez (Tokyo Sex Destruction) and Héctor Bardisa (Flyingpigmatanza).

Ainara’s songs have been included in more than a dozen compilations, often being the only non-American artist included in a compilation edited in the US.

During these more than 20 years, Ainara has been on the stages of many European countries (France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany) as well as the US, where she played in some of the most famous clubs of New York, such as the CBGB´s.

She has shared lineup with international artists like Thalia Zedek, Tara Jane O´Neil, Dayna Kurtz, Chris Eckman, Karate, The Walkabouts, Bonnie `Prince´ Billy & Matt Sweeney, Giant Sand, Damien Jurado, etc…

Her intensity is outstanding, her power to reveal the intimacy of everyone of us in her concerts. It’s well known that very few artists in Spain are able to be so meaningful as well as she does on stage.

Her fourth album (“We once wished” -2011-) comes with an important change to the sound and flirts more with rock than folk. Playing live, she is joined by Héctor Bardisa (Flyingpigmatanza) on drums, Rubén Martínez (Tokyo Sex Destruction) on bass and Hannot Mintegia (Audience) on guitar and vocals.

Currently she is carrying on other projects with Archipiel (duo of vocal improvisation together with Álvaro Barriuso -Dúo Cobra-), the five-piece experimental music La Criatura, the collective maDam, the improvisation orchestra FOCO and the creation of soundtracks, working with important producers like Alvaro Sanz.

Her last work is “Every minute” and was released in autumn 2014 by Aloud Music / Winslow Lab.


2003 – In the mirror – Winslow Lab
2005 – Each Day a Lie – Winslow Lab
2009 – Forgive me if I don´t come home to sleep tonight – Winslow Lab
2011 – We once wished – Winslow Lab/Aloud Music LTD
2014 – Every minute – Winslow Lab/Aloud Music LTD



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