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2016, first day

Nobody will remember this day for sure. Minds are still at Christmas. Too many food, too many alcohol, too many stupid gifts.

But everything has changed for me in Aloud. It´s the end of the “solo-man label” era. Well, I was never alone, Sònia, Natalia, Sergi, Karlos, Maribel, Laura, Jose, Juantxu, Javi… I had nice people working with me always. Some of them are still here 🙂

But from today, Mau Barba is on our team. Is “the partner”. I still don´t know what I´m doing with an italian partner, I remember Tassotti in USA 94. But Mau seems to be a nice guy. So let´s give him an opportunity.

We will start with a new site on monday. I was working in it during the last month, copying info from the old site. It was hard, too many hours in front of my computer. Mau is translating everything for the english readers. As you can see, my english is terrible.

We have a new office, too. We are sharing space with Siete Barbas, a recording studio when I´m working. Our office is smaller than the last one, but smells to good music. Really happy to be here.

Seems #Aloud2016 will be a great year for us. We are gonna work hard. I will come back to you in the next days with new stories. See you.


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